SoulKonnect Foundation

         When two childhood friends decided they wanted to make a difference to the society, SOULKONNECT FOUNDATION was conceived. Established in 2014, Tejinder Singh Sehgal and Isha Koppikar, the founder members of the foundation have a simple dream, they want to eradicate hunger. “Food, shelter, clothing – the basic requirements for mankind begins with food! It is the most vital of it all, and we aspire to provide just that.”, actress and humanitarian, Isha Koppikar voiced their combined vision.
         To begin with, they have already established a 2500 sq.ft. kitchen which feeds hundreds of hungry people a nutritious, balanced diet, every day. They have had a humble start by feeding a few thousands so far, however, with the help of volunteers, various NGOs and other social outfits the vision is to expand the reach and feed as many hungry mouths they can all over the country.

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